Health Care

Healthcare should not be a partisan issue. Lack of affordable healthcare affects us all.

When we pay our federal taxes, we pay for Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. However, the Republicans have chosen to reject Medicaid expansion. Instead, Wisconsin created its own plan - Badger Care.

Although Badger Care has some good points, it still leaves a lot of people without coverage, and it costs us a lot of money, according to Remember, that’s money that we have already paid into the system, but that we are leaving on the table so that the Governor could look more conservative when he ran for President in 2016.

How much money? How many people? According to, over the next 10 years we are leaving $12.3 billion on the table and 274,000 people without coverage. We need reasonable solutions to our healthcare problems that don’t play politics with people’s health.

I know health care because I have worked in the field for 23 years. I have been a front-line mental health/substance abuse therapist, the chief of several clinics, and the Air Force Chief of Substance Abuse Treatment.


We should not have to choose between educating our children and fixing our roads.

This year, Wisconsinites passed half a billion dollars in local referendums to make up for education budget cuts. Merrill voters passed one for $18 million and Tomahawk voters passed one for $12 million just to keep schools open. Our college graduates enter the workforce with loan payments equal to a car loan or their share of the monthly rent. We need to fund our schools so that our kids can lead good lives now and later as adults. We need to fund our colleges, universities, and job training so that our young adults and adult learners can compete successfully in a rapidly changing workplace.

Rural Communities

We need to support our community's interests instead of subsidizing large corporations.

To replace siphoned off money, we have to raise extra taxes through school referendums and road taxes to keep our communities whole. Our internet doesn’t reach the last mile. Our local officials are hamstrung by state bureaucracies that decide for us without listening to our needs. Our legislators' town halls are one-way lectures, not two-way conversations. It’s time to rebuild and strengthen our infrastructure, nourish our families, and support our community. It’s time for someone who listens.

Veterans' Affairs

As a veteran and a counselor who helps our heroes at home fight PTSD, I strongly support our veterans.

We need to improve benefits, health care, job training and job placement. The men and women who put our country first should not be held as political hostages by those who put political party first. We need leadership and teamwork to get the job done for our veterans.


Voters should choose their elected officials; elected officials shouldn't choose their voters.

Elections are won before the race even starts in over 40 percent of Wisconsin's districts. Candidates run unopposed because the rigged system guarantees the outcome. This means politicians can ignore voters, pass partisan legislation, and avoid the teamwork we need for effective government. So far 37 counties passed fair redistricting resolutions, proving Wisconsinites back fair government. But we won't get it unless we elect people who support fair maps. I pledge to work for bipartisan redistricting and competitive elections when we redraw our state's district maps.